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Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

Is Now A Good Time to Buy?? (buy and hold investments in the GTA)  Today we look at three macro factors that speak to that question: Timing the market isn't wise, so keep buying good cash flowing properties in strong markets! Thank yourself in 10 years for...

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Put Your Wealth Building on Steroids!

We are into mid-October now and although we had a cold day this week, it’s still a very mild fall we’re having. There is an off chance our kids won’t need to a jacket at Halloween this year! With only a little over two months left in the year, we are hard at work...

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Welcome to Venture Property Investments

Both Chris and I are excited to be partnering up together to bring you Venture Property Investments (VPI).  We aim to provide a way for you to invest in real estate in any way that you wish, and have all the resources with a team of professionals at your fingertips...

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