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Venture Property Investments is run by award winning Investors Martin Kuev and Chris Shebib.  Martin & Chris have over 20 years of Real Estate investment experience and are also active investors themselves.  Through decades of work experience in senior corporate positions as well as real estate investing, both believe in a transparent and value added business approach to helping clients build wealth and life.

Most investors start our treating Real Estate as a hobby.  In order to fully maximize your investment, however, it needs to be looked at like a business.  From contractors, through to tenants, and also looking for the highest and best use of a property, we always strive to maximize the possible returns on our client’s investments and position them to build their long term wealth

We are by no means an island.  Through our experience in Real Estate we have built a team of professionals dedicated to Real estate investment.  Our extended team includes, Lawyers, Accountants, Property Managers, Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, contractors, tenant placement & screening…and many more.

Both Chris and Martin are most importantly Husbands and Fathers.  Family comes first! Real Estate is simply the best vehicle we have found to build long term wealth and give us the flexibility to spend our time on things that matter most.

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