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Education is the route of what we do.   From mitigating Risk to maximizing returns, we can help you identify the type of investing suited to your goals, and help you take action.  We have a guided approach to investing to ensure you always have someone by your side and available to point you in the right direction.

Through our classes, webinars, meetups, property tours and other group settings we lead education and discussion around real estate topics and encourage the group to learn from each others experiences.

Once you become a member you are also assigned your own personal Real Estate Investing Coach.  Each of our coaches has a knowledge in real estate investment and is your point person for any question you have about getting started, growing your portfolio, as well as any challenges that may come up..  The benefit of being part of a large group of investors is that we have encountered virtually all hurdles that most investors face as well as many of the unexpected things that can happen with owning rental properties.  On top of this, we have negotiated many savings and discounts for services that you would need throughout your journey (ie: renovations, property management, basement conversions, lending, etc)

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Last Month we had the opportunity to attend one of the largest Business conferences in the world.  The 10X Growth Conference in Miami with Grant   Cardone, was an experience to remember, and one that allowed us to focus on our own business and growth when we...

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What is your Time Worth?

We remember working for large organizations and it being a badge of honour.   Both of us have worked for global organizations such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, Oracle, Nestle, etc; we loved our jobs and the people we worked with.  However, many times, employees work much...

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