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Our Events are at the heart of what we do in providing valuable education to our Members.  We will aim to host at least 3-4 events per month which will give our members access to valuable information and tools as they educate themselves.  We also will be providing a hands on approach where we will be taking groups out into the marketplace to view actual properties and be able to identify the good investments from the ones to avoid.

  • QUICK START to Real Estate Investing:  This is an action packed 90 minute session where we will go through the basics of Real Estate Investing.  From the numbers, Economics, Return on Investment, different strategies & properties, through to how Real Estate Investment builds wealth and can allow you to live life on your own terms.
  • Monthly Meetup Event:  This is our flagship event where we meet as a group monthly to discuss the current market and changes going on in the marketplace.  We will also be bringing in guest speakers and industry experts to dive into subjects in more detail to be able to arm you with the tools necessary to take action, regardless of your level of investment knowledge.
  • Interactive Webinars: Our webinars are designed to dive into specific topics in much more detail.  Be it in Second Suites, Multi-Family, Joint Ventures, Running your numbers, Setting up Corporation. These are just a few of the things we could dive into.  The topics are endless, the information is all about giving you the information you need to succeed.
  • Property Tours: Lets take it to the street! Our property tours are where we go out into the field to look at properties and evaluate the good deals from the bad.  hosted by one of our coaches we walk through what we look for in each property we purchase for members and why the deal makes sense.  It’s not uncommon for offers to be placed the same day a tour takes place.
  • Masterminds: This is where we get personal.  Our Masterminds are structured to be smaller groups of people where we could dive into your specific goals and really talk about strategy.  These sessions are highly interactive and designed to take the most common challenges you face and developing a strategy/action to overcome
  • Socials:  It’s not all about business.  The heart of what we are is a network of people with things in common.  We always say that Real Estate is not the be-all-end-all of what we do, it is simply the best vehicle we have found allow us to live the life we want to.  Networking and getting to know others with similar goals allows us to get to know each other.  In fact, Both Chris and Martin did not know each other prior to investing in real estate, they simply attended many of the same events and got to know each other over the years as they grew their individual businesses and portfolios.  Today, they are both friends and business partners.
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