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When you become a member with Venture Property Investments, we will guide you through all aspects of starting to build your real estate portfolio.  Sometimes just starting out and making the decision to invest is the hardest one.  Once you decide to move forward, even prior to purchasing a property, we would work with you to set out a long term goal, assess your financials, discuss corporate set-up (if you plan to own several properties), and whatever else would be needed set you on the right path to success

When it’s time to start looking for properties, We would coach you through your investments in helping to analyzing deals to ensure they are sound investments, all the way through to selecting lawyers, contractors, accountants, insurance companies, property managers, or any other service you would need for your home.  We would point you in the right direction, however you would manage the investment.  We have also been able to negotiate substantial discounts for you through our relationships.

Most of our payment would come from being your realtor in which we are providing much more value and become your trusted advisor.  When you look at other individualized coaching programs out there that may cost tens of thousands of dollars, we don’t think you need to spend money on things that you can learn along the way, we’d rather see you spend those dollars on a down payment for your property, and your long term wealth.

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