Passive Investing

You Invest and we take care of the rest. Passive investing is where you essentially treat your real estate investments as you would your RRSP’s or other traditional investments such as Stocks and Mutual Funds.  With over 2 decades in real estate investment and a proven track record of double digit returns and never reporting any losses, our first priority is the safety of your investment. You would simply invest and be updated on your portfolio and earnings.  Our passive investment options typically yield over +15% annual return on investment.  You are on title and have full security over ownership in the asset, we simply manage everything from renovations, filling tenants, day-to-day management, and all administration/bookkeeping.

The two main mantra’s we stand for with our Passive investing clients is:

  1. We would not invest your money into any investment we were not comfortable investing our own into.  In fact we are happy to invest right along side you.
  2. We don’t get paid until you get paid.  when the property is either sold or refinanced, all funds are put forward to the Investors first to ensure all capital is paid back prior to any profits being split.


  • Joint Venture Partnership
  • Muli-Family Investing
  • Investments in projects through our partners and using your RRSP’s

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