We hope you are enjoying the summer months! Both of us have had the opportunity to take some vacation time with the warmer weather which is always nice, and essentially why we do what we do with Real Estate Investment.  In the end we are utilizing real estate to allow us to continuously build wealth, while still living life how we want to.  Our Slogan says a lot about how we look at life and building our business — Build Wealth. Live Life.  We obviously went into business to build wealth for today and tomorrow, but equally we are only on this earth once (depending how you look at life), and enjoying family, friends and experiences should not have to take a back seat to work (Even if you love your job)

This brings us to the topic of today’s post about golden handcuffs.  Both of us come from a corporate background and left six figure salaries to do what we do with real estate investment.  With this post we do not want to come out and recommend that you leave your job, in fact having your job is much better as you start out in real estate investment.  Banks are more willing to lend to you, you have a steady income, money is predictable, and you can start to fund investments.

What we would like to convey more is to just pose a question in that if your job were not there tomorrow, how financially well off would you and your family be?  A good exercise would be to see what funds you go through each month and then see how long you would be able to keep afloat if one day you lost your job and did not have a source of income – It could be a scary thought!!  Regardless of the size of organization, generally a company will do what’s right for itself.  Everyone is replaceable, and the bottom line is usually what drives decisions.  To the company, its employees are a paid resource to drive the business forward (from the bottom right up to the CEO).  So essentially employees are trading their time for money.

Usually companies don’t only sell to one store, or sell only one type of product or service.  They know that they need to diversify to mitigate their risk.  We believe as employees, you should do the same.  By relying only on your work income as your sole income, unfortunately you may be in a risky position should you lose your job…and losing a job is not all that uncommon in today’s marketplace.  We believe in having multiple streams of income.   Learning how to utilize money to work for you so that you can profit while not having to trade your time each and every day is usually how wealth is built.  If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend you read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  It has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and spent over 6 years on the New York Times bestsellers list.

We call passive income either mailbox money, or poolside revenue.  It is essentially setting up investments that allow you to make money while you sleep.  There are different ways you can get passive income, however in most business and investment circles (including high net worth individuals) Real Estate Investment rises to the top.   It can mitigate risk, provide a steady cash flow, and continuously build long term wealth.  We have researched stocks, mutual funds, and even having several businesses ourselves, but nothing has been able to match the wealth building power that real estate can provide.  You can call us biased (but as we were very skeptical in the beginning) we invite you to learn more about real estate investing for yourself.  If you currently have a job and your investments are typically in stocks and mutual funds or pension plans, then perhaps you could benefit to learn more.  There are many places you could learn, there are meetups, companies, seminars, and online, just find what works best for you.  We offer free monthly QUICK START to real estate investment classes for both beginner and intermediate investors, check out our events page to learn more.

The Ultra wealthy choose to invest the highest percentage of their wealth in Real Estate.  There is a reason for this.


Visit us at www.VenturePropertyInvestments.com and our pages on facebook or LinkedIn to learn more about how we invest in real estate to profit in both an increasing or decreasing housing market.  Or contact us if you would like to learn how we are providing double digit returns for our partner’s and clients year over year.

Until Next Time,

Build Wealth. Live Life


If you haven’t come out to one of our events, feel free to visit our events page on our site at https://venturepropertyinvestments.com/events/.  If you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, come out to Learn and Network with others like you.

Martin Kuev & Chris Shebib are full time Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Wealth Coaches who have over 20 years experience in Real Estate.  With multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios and a team built over the past decade, they left the corporate world to have the flexibility to spend time with family, continue their own real estate investments and help others build long-term wealth.

Both Chris & Martin are first and foremost Husbands, and Fathers.  Both are actively involved with their families and each have 3 daughters keeping home life full of surprises.


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