If you want to learn our process for becoming a full time real estate investor, sign up at the Investor Forum and check us out at 11am on Sat April 7th 2018.


Join us in the Editors Room, where our presentation will cover:


11:00 am – 11:45 am


What are the best residential strategies for new investors that open the quickest paths to becoming a full-time investor?
This unique three-part presentation explores the topic in detail, featuring:

  • Part 1 – Mindset and Focus:
    • 5 critical changes to make when approaching REI as a business
    • 4 essential pillars of alignment for creating focus
  • Part 2 – REI Strategies and Planning
    • Our persona (their equity, cashflow goals, wealth goals etc)
    • Strategies that are available to meet our persona’s goals (in the shortest amount of time)
    • Using short term transactional strategies to accelerate long term wealth building
    • A practical financial model (available for download or hand out) that shows exactly how to get a to full time REI in 40 months
  • Part 3 – Using Joint Ventures to Accelerate Your Goals
    • Common JV structures
    • Where and how to find JV partners
    • Attracting money for tomorrow
    • Common objections and how to handle them
    • How JV’ing can accelerates the goals from Part 2


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