Is Now A Good Time to Buy?? (buy and hold investments in the GTA)  Today we look at three macro factors that speak to that question:

  1. Timing the market isn’t wise, so keep buying good cash flowing properties in strong markets!
  2. Thank yourself in 10 years for buying today!  The trend of avg home price and avg income shows that the barrier to entry for home owners and investors is increasing aggressively.  What will this mean for our kids, and their kids?
  3. We can still find cash flowing properties inside the golden horseshoe, and we don’t believe that will be possible in 10-15 years from now.

Watch the video – our goal isn’t to convince you but rather to present / share information that will help answer the question.


Download the income data cited in the video from CMHC here

We reference our previous video “Is Timing The Market Smart” – see the full video here


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