We hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! We were pretty lucky with some great weather and also the time to spend with friends family. Now the September is here, It didn’t take us long to get back into to school, back to work, back to routine.

Since we both started Venture back in 2017, it seems we always have something on the go and things to do to build. We started out with 2 events each month and now host between 4-6 events. For our Guided Investing clients (we are their realtor and investment coach), we have helped them purchase millions of dollars in properties thus far, and continue to be out there with them daily. With the market being quite balanced over the last several months, there are great investment opportunities available with high double digit returns available right on the MLS. For most of our clients we typically purchase a single-family home and then guide them in renovations, working with the city to legalize the basement and make the property a legal two unit dwelling, this forces appreciation and also increase month cash flow. Although our Guided investing Clients manage their own assets and the work associated, average returns project to greater than 30% annually for them. With this, once someone understands real estate investment, it is not uncommon for them to continue purchasing if they have the means to do so.

For our Passive Investing Partners (Those who invest with us and treat Real Estate like a “hands off” stock investment, We have purchased Several Multi-Family Properties including a 23-unit Mixed use building all within the last 8 months. These opportunities were funded within only a couple of weeks of making them available. Our Passive investing clients typically expect 15%+ annually as an ROI, where we usually look generate above 20% for their investment. For those that are used to earning single digit returns in stocks and mutual funds, it might be worth the time to investigate if Real Estate investment is for you. After all, both of us, quit six figure executive level positions in our respective careers to invest in real estate full time.

23 Unit Mixed Use Building and Small Apartment we purchased in the past 8 months.  With $350K in renovations, we are increasing the value of these properties by well over $500K 


Since quitting our corporate jobs, we are no strangers to being on podcasts, being interviewed for articles, winning the odd investing award, or speaking at investment events. This past month we were featured in the cover article for Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazines September 2018 issue on “How to make a Million”. This was a five page spread on our investment model which describes how to turn a $100K investment into $1 million in less than 10 years.

With all that has happened this past year, we are excited about getting into the fall season and working with all of you to Build wealth… but more importantly to give you the means to Live Life the way you want too. Our Monthly Meetups start this week with an action-packed September of 4 events, including 2 property tours and two classroom meetups. It has also been a year since we have been offering our membership for free. Starting in October, we will be charging for our member benefits, including our regular meetups ($29/early bird, $35/advance, $40 at the door). Our membership will be $39.95/Month, or $399 if paying for the full year. $399 is insignificant on the profitability you will make on just one investment, but more importantly, $399 is such a discount to the $10,000-$25,000 coaching fees that some other companies charge for training/coaching in real estate investment, and we are confident you will get just as much training while working with us. Our goal is to be the most economic option out there for your Real Estate needs, while also providing the most value. Do your research on us, as well as the other options out there if you are interested in Real Estate Investment, we will be offering our FREE membership only until October 1st. We are not believers in sales schemes, but offing to be there every step of the way and hold your hand during your investing journey (Click here to sign up for FREE).

Visit us at www.VenturePropertyInvestments.com and our pages on facebook or LinkedIn to learn more about how we invest in real estate to profit in both an increasing or decreasing housing market.  Or contact us if you would like to learn how we are providing double digit returns for our partner’s and clients year over year.

Until Next Time,
Build Wealth. Live Life

If you haven’t come out to one of our events, feel free to visit our events page on our site at https://venturepropertyinvestments.com/events/.  If you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, come out to Learn and Network with others like you.

Martin Kuev & Chris Shebib are full time Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Wealth Coaches who have over 20 years experience in Real Estate.  With multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios and a team built over the past decade, they left the corporate world to have the flexibility to spend time with family, continue their own real estate investments and help others build long-term wealth.

Both Chris & Martin are first and foremost Husbands, and Fathers.  Both are actively involved with their families and each have 3 daughters keeping home life full of surprises.

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