As January is almost at a close, we hope 2019 has started out great for all of you.  The Holidays gives us some time to reflect on the past year, spend time with friends and family, and also look forward to the year ahead.  We have sat down and planned out our goals for the year, and started to put actions in place to reach them… we hope you have as well.


We are starting off the year with 3 Property Tours, this past weekend almost 30 investors braved -25 degree weather to learn and visit properties on the market today. Our Monthly Meetup where we had our own Mortgage Broker Dalia Barsoum in to speak to the group about Financing strategies in todays tighter Lending environment, and our popular QUICK START to Real Estate Investing class on January 30th.  We also just closed on our latest Apartment Building purchase a couple of weeks ago and are eager to begin renovations converting all the 1-bedroom units into 2-bedroom units which will drive up the property value.  To end off January, we are heading down to Miami to the 10X Entrepreneur Growth Conference by Grant Cardone, which will be a great time, and also great learning.    It’s been a busy start to 2019… we are looking forward to a great year and spending more time with the community.  One of our initiatives is to also have more social networking events.  We have many self-made multi-millionaires in our community and plan have more networking functions where we can spend time talking and learning from each other.

We continue to be very optimistic on the Market in the Golden Horseshoe and much of what we say about economics and Real estate, holds true year over year as they are long term indicators.  See below 5 of our most talked about blog posts of 2018.  These are the topics and conversations that had the most attention and engagement from all of you.

If there is anything you would like us to talk about in our future blogs, feel free to drop us a note and we will try to address it (or we may even send you a personal video message).  We look forward to the year ahead and hopefully crossing paths along the way.

Visit us at and our pages on facebook or LinkedIn to learn more about how we invest in real estate to profit in both an increasing or decreasing housing market.  Or contact us if you would like to learn how we are providing double digit returns for our partner’s and clients year over year.

Until Next Time,
Build Wealth. Live Life

If you haven’t come out to one of our events, feel free to visit our events page on our site at  If you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, come out to Learn and Network with others like you.

Martin Kuev & Chris Shebib are full time Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Wealth Coaches who have over 20 years experience in Real Estate.  With multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios and a team built over the past decade, they left the corporate world to have the flexibility to spend time with family, continue their own real estate investments and help others build long-term wealth. 

Both Chris & Martin are first and foremost Husbands, and Fathers.  Both are actively involved with their families and each have 3 daughters keeping home life full of surprises.

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