It looks like the fall season is well upon us. The weather is cooling off, jackets are coming out, and the kids are all into their Back-to-School routine. In contrast to the weather, the market has been heating up! We have seen more activity from buyers across all of our partners, and it looks like the correction of 2017, and the slowness of 2018 is turning around. When looking at average home prices in the key investment areas we focus on (Durham, Hamilton/Niagara, KW, Barrie) over the past 6 months the market has been fairly balanced. And being long term economic investors, the indicators in the Golden Horseshoe still show tremendous growth over the next several decades.

We know many Real Estate Investors in many different stages of their investing journey. Also, being investors ourselves for over 20 years, we have seen the longevity of many investors, and also the vast majority who do not start at all. Through time and time again, there are two main regrets that virtually all real estate investors have:


Why Didn’t I Start Sooner?

We hear this a lot from seasoned investors, and the regret we hear from non-investors is “Why didn’t I buy that property many years ago”. Virtually all of us have at least thought about real estate investment at some time or another, or watched HGTV, and seen how easy it can be (no wonder if you can renovate a full home in less than 30 minutes 😊). However, for the majority of people, there is something that holds them back. There could be a long list of things, for example: It’s not the right time, it’s too risky, I’m waiting for the market to drop, I don’t want bad tenants, I don’t know where to start, I don’t have the time, etc, etc, etc. There are countless reasons we can convince ourselves not to take action with something, and usually a few that will drive us to move forward.

It is in our opinion, that most that do not move forward, simply do not have all of the information to make an informed decision, and decided not to take action. With the information available today in meetups, coaching, mentorships, partnerships, etc, It does not take a tremendous time commitment to learn how real estate investment could build your long-term wealth. With more security and at a faster rate than most careers, we have seen countless people take action and even get to a point of being able to quit their jobs (we are perfect examples of that.). Many seasoned Investors have valid arguments that real estate investment is far less risky than traditional stocks or mutual funds, we happen to fall in that group as well. Our main advice for those that are on the fence, is to get some education, talk to other experienced investors, learn about it before tossing the idea aside. Who knows….you may even come to find something that has been around your entire life, have less risk, and be able to build your financial future to allow you to live life on your own terms. There are countless resources and options available to you to learn more. Feel free to get your information/education from the internet, other meetups, other groups, or wherever you could get the information you need to make an informed decision. Or, click the link if you would like to learn more about our QUICK START to Real Estate Investing class that we hold monthly.


Why Did I sell That Property?

We get this a lot form intermediate investors, or those that try many different investment strategies. The only time we would encourage investors to sell a property is if they need the funds to live their life or can use the dollars more efficiently in another investment.

Given the strength of the Canadian Market over the last 15 years, it’s no doubt many who have this regret are looking at the market gains and increase in value they have missed out on. However, another benefit of holding real estate is the availability of money. We take after the banks in determining the risk level of our investments and the banks are good decision makers when it comes to risk.  Banks are in most cases willing to provide you funds up to 80% of the value of a home. Assuming the property can service the debt and other expenses through the rent, you could access the cash you need, and still maintain the ownership of the property. For example, if you owned a $100K home (and your investment was $20K), and it went up to $200K, you have several options, but simply you can sell it or keep it:

1. Sell the property: You profit $180K ($200K-$20K investment). Note that you will have to pay capital gains tax on the $180K (so you may net less that $145K, if you have a 40% tax rate, or less if you are in a higher tax bracket). Overall not a bad return on a $20K investment

2. Keep the property: The bank will be willing to lend up to 80% of the value of the property. You collect $80K ($160K – $80K in initial mortgage), AND you also maintain the ownership in the property for future growth. You could keep the existing investment and accelerate your growth by putting that $80K to work in another investment. We suggest you ensure that the increase in debt service is either covered by the increases in rent on the property, or the cash flow from a future investment. (Note: refinances of mortgages are tax-free, there is no sale of the asset, capital gains taxes come into effect when the property is sold, so this is also a tax deferral strategy).

All in all, we are big believers in the long-term value of holding assets. Real Estate just happens to be the most secure, that provides the greatest returns in our opinion.  We also are also believers that your money should always be working for you. Excess equity in a home is sitting money that could be used for a much greater purpose than sitting – after all, funds that are sitting, are essentially getting worth less and less as time goes by.

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Until Next Time,
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Martin Kuev & Chris Shebib are full time Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Wealth Coaches who have over 20 years experience in Real Estate. With multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios and a team built over the past decade, they left the corporate world to have the flexibility to spend time with family, continue their own real estate investments and help others build long-term wealth.
Both Chris & Martin are first and foremost Husbands, and Fathers. Both are actively involved with their families and each have 3 daughters keeping home life full of surprises.

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