Why Real Estate?

The old saying “90% of Millionaires became so through Real Estate” is as true today as it was in the previous century.  In fact the ultra wealthy to this day invest the vast majority of their dollars into real estate vs. any other investment option.

Multiple Ways Real Estate Builds Wealth

Real Estate to us is simply a means to and end.  We are passionate about real estate, however, more importantly to what it can provide in living life on your own terms.  It has allowed us to walk away from corporate 9-5 life.  As former corporate executives and stock market/ mutual fund investors, we simply have not found a better alternative to mitigate risk as well as build long term wealth.

What we love about Real Estate is that there are so many ways it builds wealth and allows you to profit in both the short and long term.  Above is just a snapshot we created to illustrate how Real Estate Builds Wealth.  We do not purchase properties based on speculation or the need for the market to increase, mitigating risk likely the main objective for us.  Appreciation is definitely an added driver, however we purchase to have a profit month-in-mouth out, regardless of the ups and downs of real estate. If the asset shows no appreciation at all, we still aim to at least match typical traditional investments like stocks/mutual funds returns of 6% – 8%. However if using historical appreciation rates of +5%, then Real Estate could yield returns in the +20% – 30% range.

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